Why Pisces Feels That It Cannot Continue

    Are we going to go back to the same old Pisces? Are you going to leave you second again? Seriously Pisces? Look, the truth is, if there is someone who deserves to have the first place for and forever, it is yours; little is; you have already done so much for others to continue being at the foot of the canyon to be the person who helps the most, don't you think??

    Advice? Accept yourself, Pisces; seriously, don't take it the wrong way, but it's the truth.

    Love yourself, little fish, love yourself more than anyone else because, to do good and love others, you must do it with your own life before anyone else's. When you start to be well and set limits so that no one believes they have the privilege of having you at all hours, you screw it up because they say nice things. You think it will not happen again, but Pisces ends up happening because you know very well that your personality cannot say NO to a favor.

    It is very difficult to say NO to people asking you for Pisces. If you do not start putting restrictions, you will leave the last crumbs to yourself and give others the whole piece of life. 

    What You Want Vs What You Need Pisces No Pisces no longer, one thing is that you give free advice, and quite another is that you give everything done and chewed so that they do not have a problem and do not move a finger. No, no, and no. You have to reap more authority and much more strength, Pisces; you have everything, but you have to take it out with courage, with ange and do not worry about others; whether they take it well or badly is their problem and not yours.