Why Pisces Has Too Soft Heart

    You have so much ability to understand and help other Pisces that you often forget to do the same with your own life, and the one that ends up taking its toll and suffering is your heart.

    Indeed, your heart swallows many problems because of your sensitivity.

    More than guilt, it is because of a cause because thanks to your sensitivity your heart is as it is, a gift from heaven with a very strange shape with a lot of human warmth and goodness within him. No kidding, Pisces, there is nothing and no one who can understand how much you suffer with a simple bad gesture. That is, something very simple that for many people is nothing, but for you, it is a world because there is nothing that you detest more than the threatening gestures, looks, or actions of people from whom you expected much more. That makes your heart hurt; he suffers and does not want more people in his life. This does not soften him; he softens when he sees injustices and is reinforced when he thinks of solutions to combat them.

    Your heart softens with beautiful things; it is the truth. A kiss, a look of encouragement, a declaration of love, or a good deed, are things that make your heart turn to jelly.

    Bad things hurt it, but good things soften it and make it much bigger and stronger.
    And look at Pisces, even if you don't want to, and even if it hurts your soul, it is often better to nip it in the bud and cleanse our environment of all those friendships still hurting us. Even if your heart softens, even if I tell you not to do it, you do not feel bad for putting yourself first because you deserve it; you owe it to yourself and your heart; when it gives you that prick in the chest, is when you most he is crying out for it.