Why Pisces Is the Best Sign

    Usually, people underestimate us because they don't understand us. For them, it is much easier to criticize than to stop trying to understand us. But honestly, they don't know how much they are missing. With us, you can learn a thousand things they will never have the opportunity to learn. We are the best, and here are the reasons:
    1. We are the best partner you can have.

    We are always ready to help anyone in need, regardless of whether we know that person or not. We cannot see how someone is suffering and do nothing to solve it. All this without even knowing that person ... When we meet him, that feeling is multiplied by two or even three. And the best of all is that we do not ask for anything in return, simply that you value us and that you thank us for everything we have done for you. You can't ask for a better partner than a Pisces; it's that simple.
    1. We are extremely understanding and sensitive.

    It is no-nonsense; we are empathetic in a person. We can feel everything you feel, whether you are sad or happy. If you are sad, we will be by your side to cry and cheer you up whenever we can. If you are happy, we will be by your side to share and be happy for you. Our understanding is there for you whenever you need it. You can always come to us if you need a shoulder to cry on. You can always vent to us if you need an ear to listen to all your shit. We have all the patience in the world and much more.
    1. We are honest, loyal, and direct.

    Loyalty is number one on our priority list. We repudiate hypocrisy and those people who only say empty words. We can give up our lives to fulfill our words when we commit to something. If a Pisces promises you something, the best thing you can do is take his word for it. We cannot stand hypocritical people who one day promise one thing and the next day are breaking their promise. For us, those people directly neither exist nor deserve a second of our attention. On our side, we want people to like us, who always go with the truth ahead. There are times when truths hurt like fists, but we prefer that to white lies. Please, we ask you always to tell us the truth, no matter how hard it may be, because we will thank you in the end.
    1. We are very creative, and we have a great imagination.

    Pisces are known to have a great inner world. We are very dreamy people who love to recreate reality in our minds. This has its pros and cons, like everything. But all that image that we have indeed served us a lot. Thanks to our creativity, we can devise perfect plans and create the perfect strategies to achieve everything we have set out to do. We are so sensitive people that we feel things so much that we have to vent somehow, we need to get everything we have inside, and we do it through creativity. We are very good at expressing ourselves through art. Pisces tend to be good writers, good musicians, and good paintersჴ€¦ You can learn a lot of things while spending time with us.
    1. We have a very open mind.

    Pisces is not one of those people who judge anyone for being different. We know perfectly what it is to be looked at badly for being the weirdo, and we do not wish it even on our worst enemy. We like what is different, what is out of the ordinary, and what is original.  We are that type of person you can talk to about anything without fear of what they will say. We will never judge someone for having an opinion different from ours or for being different from us. We want a free world where everyone can be as they please without fear of ANYTHING.
    1. We are the most intuitive of the Zodiac.

    It is not news, and everyone knows us by our intuition. It seems we are witches, and everyone comes to us to read the future. But make no mistake, we are not so like that. We only become aware of things before they happen, without further ado. If something starts to smell bad, it is because surely something will go wrong. Perhaps it is that intuition that makes us so mysterious, and it seems that we keep a thousand secrets ... But also, thanks to our intuition, we have avoided the occasional disappointment and some bad drink. It would help if you thanked us for helping by giving in that regard.
    1. We are not materialistic.

    We don't need flashy gifts or expensive details to make us happy. What we like is spending time with those people we care about. A simple dinner, going to the movies, or simply the company makes us happy. Do not hesitate when you have to give something to Pisces ... You have it easy ... If you want to spend the money on us, spend it on something to make a plan together. What makes us happy is being around people and feeling loved and valued by others. Money for us is something that is totally in the background. It sounds a bit corny, but what matters to us is love and company.
    1. Pisces do not like confrontations.

    When there is a problem with someone, we all want to solve it in the most peaceful way possible. We hate voices, insults, and disputes with others. These things make us a person we do not want to be, so we prefer to solve everything quickly and calmly.

    Thanks to our flexibility and open mind, we can understand your position and listen to everything you have to say, yes, as long as you respectfully say it.

    We have a lot of patience, but be carefulჴ€¦ We are not stupid, and everything has a limit. If we see that you come wanting to 'fight,' we will stand your feet, so you know that things are not like that with us. But the day our patience runs out, everything can end worse than it started ...
    1. We are a mix of all the zodiac signs.

    Not everyone knows this fact, but Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac; therefore, it is a mixture of all the signs. It's like, being the last one; he has been able to learn from all the previous signs. That is why sometimes few people understand us, because we are a bit unpredictable; there are even times that we do not even understand ourselves. At the same time, that is why we so understand others. Because we know what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. And we know it because it is also in our blood. Undoubtedly, Pisces is the best company you can have in your life. That empathy, that kindness, that love that a Pisces gives you, no one else in your life will give you. The Pisces, when we arrive, is ALWAYS to leave a mark. It may be difficult for you to understand us at first, but later, you will love us so much that it will be impossible for you to forget us.