Why Pisces Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    You prefer to be alone in bad company, Pisces because now you are surrounding yourself with people who are making you see that loneliness is not bad. You are surrounding yourself with people who are also single, and together, you can enjoy solitude in the best way. Previously, you were one of those who loved to fall in love and who had a hard time living life without anyone by his side. But today, people have opened your eyes and made you see that loneliness was not as bad as you thought.

    In solitude, you can do everything you want without depending on anyone and without anyone depending on you. These people remind you how smart you are and how strong you are.

    And thanks to those people, I have realized that you do not need anyone else in your world. For now, you prefer to continue as you are rather than start a relationship. Now that you've learned to enjoy solitude, you want to spend more time alone. You want to listen to yourself and connect more with your feelings. However, the feelings will be easy for you because you are quite a sentimental person. You don't feel that you need a relationship to feel complete and satisfied. Right now in your life, many people admire you and give you the love they need and are not necessarily your partner. Furthermore, after all the damage they did to you in the past, it is not worth starting a relationship with someone and going through all that suffering you went through again ...

    If you fall in love again at some point in the future, you will do it more slowly, carefully, and look closely where you step. 

    It will no longer be like before; you will never again throw yourself into someone's arms like thatჴ€”That You prefer to be alone because you want to protect yourself and your heart no matter what.