5 Reasons Why Sagittarius Is the Worst Sign

    Not everything is as good as you imagined, Sagittarius. You will never be as perfect as you always want to be. And you have to start to assume it ... It is time to accept that you have any problems in your daily life because of that character and because of being Sagittarius. It is already good to talk only about the good, and now it is time to bring out your darker side, that side that makes you be someone evil. Let's talk about the reasons why you are the worst sign of the Zodiac:

    1. You get bored with things too quickly, Sagittarius, and therefore cannot standstill.

    Usually, you make the excuse that you love adventure, that you hate routine, and there is nothing wrong with that. But behind this, there are other things ... The fact that you need to be constantly doing something fun makes you not know how to handle the routine. There are moments when you feel trapped by it, you feel that you cannot be free, and by getting out of there, you are capable of doing anythingჴ€”even doing things that are dangerous or that you wouldn't normally do. You have to start knowing how to live with a routine, Sagittarius, because otherwise, you will end up very, very badly.

    2. You cannot be quiet for more than five minutes.

    It would be best if you expressed your opinion however it is; you cannot bear the urge to do so. You will think that it is a good thing; what better to give your opinion than to be a false person. But, Sagittarius, you don't even wait for anyone to ask you; you throw the bomb and leave it there. And sometimes, you do a lot of damage. There are people who do not want to hear your opinion, but you do not care. You feel that you are free to do and say whatever you want. Sagittarius, you should start looking a little more for others. There are sensitive people, people who are more affected by words. Not everyone is as tough as you ...

    3. That impulsiveness that characterizes you so much can sometimes spoil everything.

    And it is that you say and do things without thinking about the consequences. You do not look at the harm you are going to do to others, nor by the harm, you are going to do to yourself, nor by all that it implies. You like risk, but Sagittarius, there are times when you regret the decisions you made in the past. At the moment, you do not care about the future, and you do not care if you are going to regret it or not. You only care to do it, period. There are times when you know that you are going to regret it and that that decision can ruin many things, but you do not care. You do not care, Sagittarius, and that is something that makes you the worst sign in the Zodiac.

    4. You are too competitive. You always want to win and be the first.

    You like to get attention, and you know it. You love that everyone looks at you, congratulates you, that they feel proud of you, that they praise you ... And for that, you will do anything. You will have no problem facing your rivals, and even, being honest, Sagittarius, you will have no problem setting traps to see them fall. It would be best if you got to the goal first, no matter what, and you know that you will have to come up with them for this. And since you are so bright, you are not lacking in ideas. Some of those ideas are too Machiavellian and far-fetched, but you are the same. Your only purpose is to win, and you don't care about the rest.

    5. You always have to get away with it; you always have to be correct. And this is closely linked to the issue of competitiveness.

    You don't let anyone try to contradict you, even if you know that person is right. You prefer to continue defending your arguments rather than agree with someone else. You're a bit stubborn, and you know it. Yes, you know how to listen to others, and you like to share opinions, but when it comes to more severe issues, you are always the one who calls the shots. You have to lower those fumes a little, Sagittarius, and you have to learn to be a little more flexible and recognize that there are times when you are wrong too...