How Are the Sagittarius Soulmates for Their Loved Ones

    The soulmate of Sagittarius is that person who can make you laugh so much that even a few drops escape. Sagittarius needs laughter and fun in his life, a lot, but seriously, much more than any sign; without that, he is not happy. Sagi believes that life is there to take advantage of it, and yes, the more fun it is, the better.

    You want to smile all the time, put stress aside, and try, with all your might, that only good vibes enter your life. And the problem is that they do not always enter; the problem is that he has found people who, instead of wanting good vibes, fed on problems and bad vibes, and that, in the end, has been turning him off a lot.

    But even so, Sagi gives everything when she starts in a relationship again; her character cannot be shit because it does not come out, and no matter how much she repeats herself that she must be more severe and distrustful; in the end, it can't be. He smiles, gets excited again, and trusts again. The soulmate of Sagittarius is that person who makes the days happy. He does not ask for much, a smile every morning, a "good morning" transmitting that good vibes that anticipate that the day is going to be magnificent, and above all, someone who wants to be truly happy, who removes the toxic from his life and sees in every day the opportunity to enjoy the emotion of being alive.