How Do Sagittarius Deal With Breakups?

    Sagittarius: from November 23 to December 21.


    Sagittarius, suddenly, when you have broken up with someone, you start with excesses in everything, as if you had to do everything that you have not done when being in a relationship. But it's just a fictitious thing, like trying to heal you fast and fast, Sagi. Deep down, maybe you are not as good as you think, and the truth is that trying to "kill" time with other things does not always miss what is actually on our minds. If you have ended a relationship, you try to show yourself that that relationship was holding you back in some way, and now that you are free, you want to try everything, do everything, and that you have even wasted your time, Sagi. Everything is for having a lousy time as little as possible. And it is good to have that philosophy, but it does not mean that you end well.


    Accept it, Sagi, and please, take your time to be alone, in your room, at home, making a trip in which you alone have to heal. And instead of focusing on the relationship and all the setbacks, reflect on the positive moments, which were good too. Stay with that in your soul, and not so much with the bad. The relationship was a season in your life, good or bad, but it is over. Plus, the longer you take to admit that the relationship wasn't that bad, the easier it will be to move on. Whatever happened will have happened, but everything will be a lesson to be learned. And that lesson, if you really propose it, will be the one that makes you have neither resentment nor hatred inside. Sagittarius, take root and stay where you feel like it the most. And do not think that because someone has not valued you enough, others will not. You don't always have to run away from everything.