How Sagittarius Flirtling Vs How It Is With a Couple

    How you flirt:

    You use Sagittarius humor a lot, ironic humor, funny humor, sarcastic humor, and even natural humor that you don't even know what humor is. And you catch. That smile, that naturalness, those gestures, everything ... You like to flirt; in fact, you love to have that feeling constantly. You like to laugh, you like to make others laugh, and in fact, you know that it is one of the essential things in life. Where you put your eye, you put the bullet Sagi, but you are not heavy / or, on the contrary, you love to talk to everyone and not only put particular interest in that person. And suddenly, the magic is created. That person has noticed you because you have sent subtle signals, and they want more since you have spent a bit. But you like me to do your part ... Then you will do yours.

    How you behave in a serious relationship:

    When you finally make up your mind to commit, some little things start to change. Yes, Sagi, you will continue to be that person who makes others laugh, who gives everything of himself / or but also much more mature / o and committed to everything. When you are alone /or you make many more jokes to protect yourself and not be so vulnerable, when you start a formal relationship, you begin to establish and open up much more. Even you yourself are surprised how you can come to love so much. That person becomes unique. ONLY.