How Sagittarius Wants to Make the World a Better Place

    Sagittarius was born with only one mission in his life, and that mission is to change the world. And he will surely achieve it thanks to that power and that way of leading. Sagittarius wants to change the world, but for this, they know that before, they have to learn and know a new world. You need to experiment and have your mind full of wisdom in order to pass on suitable lessons to others.

    It would be best if you learned as much as you can about the world to know what needs to change, what needs to be improved, what we should stop doing ...

    But above all, Sagittarius would like to change how we see other people. He would like to change some people's minds and make all of us have a much more open and less critical view. I wish I knew what the trick is to make people not judge without knowing and be much more permissive and independent. But the first change that Sagittarius would make would be to have parties day in and day out. Break the damn routine that he hates so much. Make travel free. Being able to fall in love without having to suffer and being able to be with his people all the time in the world, wherever he was. He knows that they are merely impossible things, but Sagittarius struggles to be able to feel free every day of his life.

    Freedom is what matters most to him, and Sagittarius will fight whatever it takes so that everyone is free to do what they want, be who they want to be, and go where they want.

    The warrior within Sagittarius will fight against all the impossible. Still, above all, he will fight against those people who never believed in his power and who thought that Sagi was not going to get anywhere. Because if there is something that you really want to change, it is to exterminate all those who believe they have the power to break the dreams of others.