How to Conquer a Sagittarius

    1. Offering you freedom, respect, understanding, and trust.

    Without freedom, there is nothing that can go well with you. You know it perfectly without respect for your personality, way of acting, and ways of thinking, much less Sagittarius. To conquer yourself, you have to respect yourself, and it is not worth saying YES and making a theater and then wanting to tie your wings; nothing of that; whoever wants to enter into your heart has to be very clear about this. Rather than being with someone who doesn't respect your time, your freedom, who can't live without knowing where you are and all that shit, you stay in the "bachelor" stage for life. Only free people, please, and there if you could let yourself be conquered in your heart.

    2. You are fire Sagittarius and fire with fire would be a brutal combination, but any element is good for you; you do not close yourself to anything, and you prefer to try to say no.

    Because in order to be seduced, it is not necessary to take into account your compatibility table with the other signs of the zodiac. To conquer you, it is much more essential to see inside the person, their heart, their intentions, and what they have to offer you. It is evident that Leo and Aries share many more possibilities to better compliment you, but you never know; with you, you never knowჴ€¦.

    3. An adventurous spirit, determined with a bit of a child's soul, is a spirit that can totally conquer you, Sagittarius.

    You have the soul of a Sagittarius child; you want to live adventures constantly, you want your routine always to be full of things to do, even if they are not super exciting things, you want to do everything and if you can share it with someone who likes the same or more than you, better than better. Your heart melts when you meet people with the same innocent nonchalance as you; let yourself be loved when you meet a crazy and adventurous spirit like yours ...

    4. No rules, no rules, no matter why they say, and NO TIES.

    You have to go with your Sagittarius stream to get to your heart. To be able to conquer you, you have to be very clear about one thing: zero tensions or ties from minute one. It is more than essential; it is something fundamental; whoever loves you will respect your freedom and never set guidelines for you. That means a guaranteed breakup, and you know it.

    5. Honestly.

    Easy and simple. It is not that difficult, but it is something that you will never give up, Sagittarius. Not a single pretty face will be able to conquer if he does not have honesty in his words, clear and straightforward. Yes, you may screw it up from time to time due to various confusions, but you are an honest person, or at least you try to be Sagittarius. If they love you, honesty from the beginning, period.

    6. Through little surprises.

    Nothing better than being surprised with small unexpected Sagittarius details to make you fall in love very little by little. Nothing better than little nonsense that seems harmless but means everything to you. You are conquered by people who remember the perfume you like, the food you love the most, the places you would like to go, and you know itჴ€¦.

    7. Sharing likes, trips, follies, and confidences.

    It is evident that you are a traveling spirit without ties; your love for the unknown, for experimenting, and for discovering all kinds of new cultures comes from your cradle; you love to invest your time in knowing new places, in meeting new people and in not staying in the instinct you are in for whose years. If someone wants to conquer you based on travel, sharing crazy things and others, better than better, right? Anything to do with it is more than welcome into your life, and you know it.