If Sagittarius Has Anxiety Now It's for This

    You are like this, Sagittarius, for one reason only ... And that reason is that you need to reinvent yourself. You hate routine, and it really is something that is capable of taking out your dark side, your anxiety, and your worst nightmares. The life you led is no longer working the way you would like it to, and whether out of need or desire, you know there is something else you need to do.
    Your anxiety tells you that you need to escape very far, vent, disconnect, and do anything to escape this monotony. Not only is it saying that you are capable of making all these changes, but that you also need them. Although to others it seems silly, to you it is not, Sagittarius. And it is that you hate with all your might getting into that routine loop from which it is impossible for you to get out. But don't give it more importance than it does, Sagittarius.

    You have to stop beating yourself up for not being where you want to be. Maybe now you can't escape because you have many responsibilities, but NOTHING HAPPENS.

    Calm down, Sagittarius, and you will when you have time for it. The worst of all this is that there are people who do not stop pressing you; it seems that they do not realize that you are already overwhelmed ... But remember Sagittarius, slowly but without pause. Please don't give it too much thought because it will be worse. The good thing is that you are very clear about the solution and that you are going to go for it as soon as you can.
    Not always everything depends on you, Sagittarius; you have to be patient even when you are on the verge of despair. Sagittarius, you have great potential, and without a doubt, you are on the verge of living the life of your dreams.