Sagittarius Child - November 23 to December 21

    Discover the dominant traits of the Sagittarius child's astral personality and how you can help stimulate their healthy development.

    The Sagittarius child is the traveling soul of the Zodiac. Your little one is happy discovering new places, going for a walk, observing nature, and living big and small adventures with his parents and friends. Free-spirited, he cannot be held back for long. Make sure that seat belts and other equipment are correctly fastened. Your Sagittarius child has a generoushonest, and sometimes stubborn character: he doesn't like to be interrupted or to feel that his opinion has not been taken into account. Sagittarius children love being around people their age and can be shy and reserved around older people. Sagittarians need to have their own space. Be careful not to smother your little Sagittarius too carefully, and respect his private space. Sometimes you can isolate yourself in your world to recharge and spend time talking to your buttons. You also like to learn and probably prefer "fact" books to fairy tales.

    Characteristics of the Sagittarius Sign

    • Date  - from November 23 to December 21 (+/-)
    • Keyword  - I SEEK
    • Attributes  - Adventurous, cheerful, academic, gruff, good-humored, curious, funny, energetic, expansive, philosophical, generous, honest, impatient, cheerful, optimistic, insightful, sincere, traveler
    • Impulse  - Seeking the truth
    • Ruling planet  -  Jupiter
    • Element  -  Fire
    • Quality  -  Mutable
    • House  -  Novena
    • Color  - Orange
    • Opposite sign  -  Gemini

    Your Little Sagittarius

    The Sagittarius child exudes energyvitalitystrength, and enthusiasm. His spirit is curious and spontaneous. He does not tire of asking questions and does not like to have his freedom of action and choice impeded. However, he must learn from a young age that freedom implies responsibility. If you're thinking of making excuses, be careful - your Sagittarius child hates dishonesty and has trouble when trust is broken. Your stubborn Sagittarius always prefers to find the exact answer and wants proof! You may need help to be more attentive to details and to be less hasty in your decisions and behavior. Versatile and courageous, you must know your own physical limits. For the child of this sign, there is nothing he cannot do. All you have to do is put an idea in your head to make it happen. This can lead you to take unnecessary and reckless risks. Focused on the action and the future, the Sagittarius child doesn't waste much time thinking about the past. When he does not achieve a goal or objective, he moves on to the next. His creative energy leads him to want to do new things constantly. They try everything to see if they like it or not. You have a great need to be busy with something at all times. He hates time-outs, and you wait for them. Since he can't sit for long without doing something to entertain him, your little Sagittarius will find it very difficult to go shopping with you. They get upset and may have a tantrum from being tired of doing nothing. The Sagittarius child is daring, courageous, and in a good mood. He cannot sit still and always finds a way to occupy his time. He hates feeling trapped and not being able to have a say, especially when his parents make any decision that affects him. He likes to be consulted and listened to. Restless and brave, he goes through everything in his eagerness to discover. A born explorer. He does not settle for any answer and always seeks the truth of the facts and distrusts the opinions that he considers unfounded.

    The Personality of the Sagittarius Child

    it's irresistible because ...

    • Has an outgoing personality and loves meeting people
    • He is optimistic and always finds something positive in the worst-case scenario
    • Always in a good mood and ready for action
    • It is an excellent companion for adventures.

    it can be difficult because ...

    • He hates all kinds of limitations on his freedom
    • You can't resist the secrets
    • Is impatient
    • He is very demanding with his educators
    • You are not aware of your physical limits and danger, which can lead to frequent injuries

    has some secrets ...

    • Freedom above all
    • Has a genuine zest for life
    • Likes to live life to the fullest and experience everything
    • Can't resist a good adventure
    • Believe in travel more than destinations

    likes ...

    • Fresh air
    • To travel
    • Walk
    • Be free
    • His rebellious soul
    • Extreme activities
    • Eat everything you shouldn't
    • Challenges and victories

    does not like ...

    • Being locked up at home
    • Routines and habits
    • Wait for someone or something
    • Parks and strollers

    What the Sagittarius Child Desires Most from His Parents

    The Sagittarius child hopes that his parents are relaxed and show him how good it is to live and explore the world. Her light, easy-going personality needs to find a space to flourish in a relaxed environment where there is understanding and plenty of freedom. Your little Sagittarius will love every moment you play together, travel, and set out in search of new adventures. Your child does not need a person to discipline him, but a teacher, a guide to guide him through life. Therefore, try not to be too rigid with routines and look at the rules with some flexibility. If your child understands the why of things, it will not be difficult for him to follow your guidelines. If they try to force decisions on you or invade your space, you may run into problems and have to deal with a personality clash. Sagittarius likes people, large families, receiving and giving attention. In fact, your child loves to give to everyone. You may notice that he has no particular preference for his mother or father. In fact, your child is not given exclusive love. On the other hand, if you can understand the nature of the Capricorn child's character, you will see that it is not difficult to make him happy. Rebellious and nonconformist, he is a consensus personality. Full of common sense, she has no difficulty negotiating conditions that make everyone happy, as long as everything is done delicately.

    How to stimulate the talents of your Sagittarius child

    The Sagittarius child is fearless and courageous. Plus, she loves celebrating life and exploring all that the world has to offer. He hates being restricted in his freedom of action and creativity. To develop their gifts and talents, keep in mind the following aspects in the day to day with your Sagittarius child:
    • Since life is not all fun, your little Sagittarius must learn to be responsible. Since he likes to do everything, teach him to be careful and to take the proper protective measures. After all, what you want is to keep him healthy until the next adventure.
    • The versatile and impatient character can lead your child to abandon tasks midway when they lose motivation. Remember that the native of Sagittarius values the trip more. Therefore, you have to learn to motivate yourself and wait for the right moment for the expected results to emerge.
    • The Sagittarius native has a tendency to get bored with details. Teach him to pay attention to detail by teaching him that results are a set of several smaller tasks and that it is essential not to skip steps to reach the end goal.
    • Find out your child's interests and help him achieve them with small goals. Use positive reinforcement to encourage him not to give up and do his best.
    • Lover of freedom, he needs to be clearly explained the reason for things. If you think that a specific activity is not suitable for your child, calmly explain your reasons. In this way, he will understand and accept it instead of resisting because he sees in your attitude a restriction to his capacity for action.
    • Since your Sagittarius child hates rules and routines, he may have trouble sleeping and eating. After all, sleeping is for those who are tired, and eating is for those who are hungry. There is no need to set hours for that. So take it easy.
    • Sagittarius is easily bored. Make her bedroom a source of inspiration with fun, colorful toys and mobiles. Your child needs to be constantly stimulated so as not to fall into apathy.
    • Talk openly with your little Sagittarius. Use age-appropriate language, but be sure, to tell the truth. Your child will respect you a lot for this and better understand what is going on around him.

    A Brief Note on Cusps

    If your child was born on the cusp of a Zodiac sign, that is, in the first or last days of the date range of each sign (or when he was born "between two signs"), it may reveal personality traits of the signs. Found on both sides of the cusp. If your child has a small cusp, check both signs, and you may discover some traits of both in your child's character.

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