What Are Reasons to Have a Sagittarius Friend

    1. The best friend of positivity and naturalness:

    If you have a Sagittarius in your life, DON'T LET HIM ESCAPE. Seriously, having a Sagittarius helping hand is having a precious treasure in your hands. Their friendship is one of the most sincere, purest, and loyal in the entire Zodiac; Sagittarius goes to death for and for his loved ones until the end. Sagittarius is that helping hand that helps you get out of negativity in the best way, laughing at everything and making a gray day a good day. Next to Sagittarius, problems stop being fewer problems and become one more challenge to overcome day after day. Sagittarius is the best helping hand to keep you company on your crazy adventures but also to bring you back to the real world when necessary.

    2. Because of her crazy, relaxed and fun personality:

    On those boring, monotonous, and bad days, the madness of Sagittarius is the perfect remedy to remember that, after evil, something good always comes and that there is no evil that does not come. Sagittarius is that friendly hand very capable of leaving its disaster to fix yours and thus being able to laugh together at everything you've experienced. Seriously, it does flow over time, and that's so necessary sometimes ...

    3. Because even if he has eyes for someone else, he still makes you feel special, and that's wonderful:

    Sagittarius has the most friendly spirit in the world running through their veins, and having their friendship exclusively full time is impossible. Sagittarius will get into the pomp of whoever it is and will become a very fundamental pillar, but from that pomp, it will come out many times, and that does not mean that it will not enter again; Sagittarius is independent enough to know what it does. The Sagittarius friendship grows stronger over time and does not disappear with the dreaded distance; on the contrary, with it, it can become even more robust and stronger.

    4. Because by his side a gossip always has its moment of maximum laughter:

    Sagittarius loves deep conversations that last for hours and hours and in which you end up knowing a lot of things. "You will never go to bed without knowing something new," so thinks Sagittarius; gossip does not fall within his most select tastes, but hey, that's how he hangs out and if you add to that his touches of humor that are difficult to understand ... Entertainment you are insured with Sagittarius.

    5. Because he works as a psychologist without a degree (or with it):

    Sagittarius will always be there to listen to you and support you in whatever it is; the archer's friendship is considered one of the most loyal in the Zodiac and certainly one of the most fun. In moments of the downturn, he is the one who acts best because he knows what to do to raise the spirits of anyone; now, nobody thinks that Sagittarius is a friend/psychologist open at all hours of the day and that you can only turn to when something happens to you and that's it. It is one thing to be a good person and friend to your friends and quite another; it is to be an idiot, and Sagittarius is not.

    6. Because of deep conversations about life with Sagittarius, taste like glory:

    When you talk to Sagittarius about a serious topic, Sagittarius stops joking and does whatever it takes to find a solution. Sagittarius knows how to put jokes aside when necessary, even if sometimes it costs him his own ... When he knows that he has to be the fundamental pillar of someone, he adopts a very mature face and closes his mouth.

    7. Because your enemies will also become their enemies:

    Did anyone doubt it? Your enemies will also become the enemies of Sagittarius, period. As simple as that. It is evident that he is not going to throw himself in the mud for any nonsense, but Sagittarius, for his people, is capable of EVERYTHING.