What Are the Stereotypes of Sagittarius That You Should Know

    All signs have their stereotypes, just like people. It is true that there are some stereotypes that are true, but others not so much. Stereotypes say that Sagittarius is a person who does not care about ANYTHING and has such a free spirit that they can even neglect things that are important.

    You may come to think that Sagittarius is so accessible that he does not care about anything except himself and that he is more selfish than he seems. You may think that Sagittarius is one of the most selfish signs if you get carried away by what the gossips say.

    It is also said that he does not like to take root anywhere and that he hates routine, commitment, and stability. Sagittarius is a free soul who loves being here and there, traveling, meeting new people, and living carefree. They may even say that Sagittarius is an irresponsible person because they put their well-being before responsibilities, which leads them to think again that they are a person who only looks out for themselves. Stereotypes can be very toxic if they do not resemble reality, but for that, you will have to know Sagittarius thoroughly.

    Sagittarius has some very toxic stereotypes around its sign, but the reality is that Sagittarius absolutely does not care what people think or do not think of them.

    Yes, the chances are that he loves being from here to there, that he loves to travel, and that he never gets stuck in one place. But that doesn't mean you don't care about the people you care about. Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means that it is a very independent, impulsive person who likes to take risks, but also that it has a lot of passion and a huge heart. In addition, Sagittarius often feels misunderstood and lonely most of the time because they do not understand much of the values that society says are important. Sagittarius came to the world to travel, learn about new cultures, and pursue their dreams. Yes, the truth is that you hate commitment, but perhaps it is because you have not yet found the ideal person to join for the rest of your life. But it is that Sagittarius is not in a hurry and meanwhile prefers to live life in its way than to live it as others dictate.