What Are the Truths About Loving Sagittarius That You Should Know

    Everyone already knows that Sagittarians are known in the Zodiac for being beautiful people. It is a fire sign that has a lot of power, a lot of strength that implies constant emotion and passion. So if you are dating or have dated Sagittarius, these truths may be pretty familiar to you ...

    1. Sagittarius is a very changeable sign.

    It's not that her emotions or feelings change overnight because if Sagi feels something, she feels it now, tomorrow, and next week. But maybe Sagittarius tells you today that he wants to learn more about cooking, and next week, he wants to be an interior designer. Sagittarius does not want to be locked into one thing, and it wants to always be from here to there. So, if you love Sagittarius, do not worry if today he tells you one thing and tomorrow another; it is like that because he will give excitement to his life if he does not get bored and go into a loop.

    2. You are always joking and making others laugh.

    It is even possible that he remembers that misfortune that happened to you months ago and still laughs about it. Be careful, he does not laugh at you because a Sagittarius would never laugh at anyone to hurt him, but it is impossible for him to hold back the laughter. In addition, Sagittarius by his side wants a person who laughs thanks to him, but, above all, who laughs with them. Someone with whom to laugh at every moment, every joke, every joke.

    3. It isn't easy to make plans with Sagittarius.

    He is a very independent person who always goes to his ball, and it is tough to adapt to his schedule. If you want to meet Sagittarius, you have to notify him at least 24 hours in advance because otherwise, he does not promise that he will have a space in his schedule or want to meet you. Because yes, Sagittarius also greatly values the time spent alone with himself and for them. That time is sacred. He will not use that valuable time to meet another human being, whether you are his partner, his family, or his family, his best friend. Things as they are.

    4. Philosophical conversations are your favorite conversations.

    So do not panic if he suddenly begins to ask you what are your aspirations, your dreams, your fears, what torments you ... Sagittarius wants to know much more about you; he wants to know what only happens in your mind. He can ask you both on the first date, like any other day when he just got up. Sagittarius loves deep people who have a lot of things inside. Introspection and thought-provoking questions blow you away. And I'm sorry to tell you that if these kinds of questions are intimidating, you're not ready to fall in love with a Sagittarius.

    5. Sometimes, he is a little rebellious and reckless.

    That impulsiveness so characteristic of Sagittarius can sometimes play tricks on you. There are times when he does not even think about what he is going to say and blurts out the first outrage that comes to mind. But Sagittarius is not going to do anything to change because he loves to let himself be carried away by impulses and by his needs. Sagittarius lives by and for the experience. Of course, it has so many stories where it has screwed up or has done something that it should not that you will never get bored since it will always have one of those stories to tell.

    6. If you don't give him what he needs, don't expect him to stay with you for long.

    Sagittarius hates feeling that he is in a relationship with someone who doesn't really give him what he deserves, who doesn't love him, who doesn't listen to him, or who only says what Sagittarius wants to hear. Sagittarius does not ask that you always agree with everything he says; he does not even ask you to go along with it. You want a person who empathizes with your feelings, listens to you when you need it, and is willing to do anything for them.

    7. No matter what the problem is, Sagittarius will always be quite optimistic.

    Sagittarius is a free spirit who always follows what his heart tells him. When you fall in love with a Sagi, you realize that your life suddenly has a different light and vibe. There are times that it can even bother you that Sagittarius always looks for the good in everything that happens to him. There are even times when you argue, and Sagittarius wants to change things in a much more positive way. But that's how Sagittarius is, and that's how you have to love him. Sagittarius is very dreamy and will always fight tooth and nail to find their happiness.