What Do Sagittarius Expect the Most From Others?

    Sagittarius, in his life, needs people who bring him fun, adventure, laughter, and above all, a lot of travel. Sagittarius is a very active person who always has to be up and down to feel that he is really alive. And he wants this rhythm of life to be joined by people who are willing to share all kinds of adventures. You want people who are able to keep up with you and who will sign up for any plan together. Sagittarius wants and needs fun at all times and would not bear to have people in their life who never take risks and who are always in their comfort zone. He will also always look for people who are capable of respecting his freedom and who will let him do whatever he wants when he wants.

    Sagittarius highly values those people who highly respect the space of others, and it is those people who have the first place in the heart of Sagittarius.

    But Sagittarius also has its romantic side and also wants people in his life with whom he can share all that love he has inside. That although Sagittarius seems a very detached person, they also like to feel loved and be affectionate with those people with whom they deserve it. That is why at his side, he also wants people with a vast hearts who know how to give good love, the kind that Sagittarius likes so much. People with whom you can share everything you feel without feeling pressured; that's what Sagittarius really wants in his life. Simply, Sagittarius needs people who know how to respect, who know how to listen to them whenever they need it, who give them all the love they ask for, but who also know how to leave their space.