What Do Sagittarius Miss in Love Relationships

    Fun activities to do as a couple. More fire and more creativity to love life. More spicy and less water. More unsuspecting emotion and less exaggerated organization and control. Your perfect romantic relationship would be crazy, Sagittarius, but it could not be otherwise with you. You are the madness in person, and the fact of doing nothing, forming something monotonous, and yawning every two by three is something that makes you nauseous. You don't want it in your relationships. Not now, not never. For this reason, the only thing that you lack in your love life is a little more time invested in doing things.

    What really matters to you about all this is spending time with your partner doing new things.

    Time invested and taken advantage of in positive things and not in making a hole on the sofa and changing the channel every two or three ... You don't want your love life to be reduced to getting up, going to study or work, coming back, having lunch or dinner and coming back to the sofa, from time to time to stop and have pleasure and go back to the same old thing. The only thing missing from your love life is Sagittarius's shared emotion. It is useless to want everything described to return to the same old thing. It is useless for you to be full of plans and adventures and for now to live if you are going to do it with total independence and if you are not going to have your partner. Yes, your position is very understandable. You are a somewhat detached and very free person, very independent and very, very leaf moved by the wind, but a relationship consists of two parts, and both must be committed. You know it, Sagittarius.