What Does Love Mean for Sagittarius

    What does the word 'love' mean to Sagittarius? Loving, for Sagittarius, means respecting the independence of the other person above anything else, but at the same time, feeling that special connection. Sagittarius, as a good adventurer, needs a life full of experiences and emotions, and that would not be possible if he had a very controlling and jealous person by his side. Therefore, for Sagittarius, love is what they feel for another person who respects their freedom and their desire to live life.

    Loving is that feeling that is born in you by those people who drive you and encourage you to continue doing what you want, who motivate you to fight every day for what you want most.

    The Sagittarius idea of love is based on the ability to live your own adventure, but you also want to live it with someone. Sagittarius wants to explore the world with another person by their side, which is love. Loving means finding that person who accompanies you in all your plans, who signs up for any trip, and who is able to go around the world by your side. You don't mind doing it alone, but you prefer (and deep down, you want to) to do it than THAT person because it is also true that when Sagittarius falls in love, his life changes more than he would like. Even if that person is still free and with his own essence, he begins to worry more about the other person. He likes to spend more time with him than alone, etc. ... For Sagittarius, love can be complicated at first, when just He has met the person and believes that they will not know how to respect and treat him as he deserves, but once he has passed that test, love is an experience that he loves to live. The perfect definition of 'love' for Sagittarius would be an adventure, independence, and travel (lots of travel).