What Excuse Sagittarius Gives When They Break Up With You

    Sagittarius, suffice it to say, 'it's tough. That is the excuse that will ruin your life little by little without you noticing. In this life, nothing is easy, and you know that very well, Sagittarius. Nobody has ever given you anything, and it has cost you a lot of effort. So there is no use in saying that something is difficult now when you have not even started to do it. Nothing worthwhile is easy to come by. If you want to achieve something, you have to fight for it, regardless of whether it is easy or difficult. There will be times when it is more complex and other times more straightforward, but that will only depend on the desire you have to achieve it.

    There is nothing complicated; what is difficult is looking for motivation and the will to fight. By saying that it is difficult, you are not going to make it suddenly become easy ... Sagittarius, stop making excuses that are useless.

    You have to fight to get to your destination. You have to fight for the goals you want to achieve. There will be times when the road is easy and others challenging, but you have to continue, whatever it is. It is not worth giving up because it is difficult, Sagittarius. Also, you are a very fighter person who likes to risk anything. And that's why you have to risk the difficulty. You have to work hard because no one will give you anything in this life. And even if you make those excuses, things won't get any easier. Sagittarius, dreams will only come true if you fight for them. It won't do any good if you stand by saying that it will be impossible to do so because it is very difficult ...