What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Sagittarius?

    When you do something terrible to Sagittarius, you are hurting a heart full of friendship, good vibes, good vibes, and positivity. Is that fair? Shouldn't that kind of horror be punished? Of course, but even in the worst, Sagittarius brings out his most human side and comes to have some kindness ... In the end, he always takes pity and does not shoot his arrow to the heart; he only brushes it... But that Sagittarius is a very good person does not mean that he does not have the claw to defend himself and know where and in what way to attack; let it be clear. Here, with Sagittarius, everything is fair. You attack Sagittarius attacks. Point.

    The archer's arrows are his words, his attacks, and those arrows always go to a fixed point; they always hit the target and have the effect that Sagittarius wants them to do, no more, no less.

    That Sagittarius can be the most peaceful person in the world does not mean that they do not know how to be the darkest and cruelest person when they have to attack back, when they have to defend themselves from the attack of someone with a rotten heart. Sagittarius takes justice into his own hands, and no, he does not rest until that person pays for each and every one of the evils he has done. No more, no less.