What Is an Advice That Sagittarius Should Hear to

    Are you tired of always being the piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit anywhere the first time? Of course not; for you, being different is a compliment and not something to be ashamed of. Up to the nose of being the piece that is put in last place because it is the most difficult? Of course, you may be sick of staying in the last place when they should give you the first for your pride, but that is not one of your biggest Sagittarius problems, and you know it.

    The opinion of the people affects you, but deep down, the truth is worth a lot of dick, it is something contradictory, yes, but it is the truth.

    What can annoy you the most is being the last monkey to go to have a really good time; it bothers you a lot to be the second course, the option that is chosen on rare occasions and you know it Sagittarius, there are already several times when you you have proposed to do a gigantic cleaning of lifelong contacts that have become unknown ... You have to learn from your Sagittarius exterior but never depend on that exterior again or realize late about something you are not used to doing. You are a very free spirit but at the same time somewhat dependent, and you allow yourself to be influenced by your environment. NO, NO and NO Sagittarius, never that. Think very well about that goal you want to achieve, and it will be your escape route. The advice you need to hear right now is this Sagittarius: "stop looking to be free and work hard so that your spirit remains so authentic."