What Is the Best Part of Dating Sagittarius

    The best thing about dating you, Sagittarius, is that perspective you have so positive in life. With you, Sagi, it is much easier to face the difficult situations that life puts before us. Thanks to that positive energy that you transmit and that good vibe, being with you is a pleasure. Being close to you is incredible because you are able to change the mood of your partner with just a word or a glance.

    Thanks to your optimism and your positivity, you are able to change the philosophy of life of the people around you.

    You have that aura, and you transmit that vibe so differently that it makes being with you only have advantages. Also, you are that person who always cares about bringing out the good side of others. You do whatever it takes to make your partner see that you shouldn't be obsessed with flaws and teach them to take advantage of all their virtues. You are that person who helps others to make the most of all the good they have in your life and who teaches them to trust themselves much more. Sagittarius, with you, people, take life differently. With you, there are no worries and problems. With you, there are only reasons to fight and move forward. But the perfect thing about being with you is that you have to live life and have fun. Your partner knows perfectly that with you, he will never be bored. By your side, there are no routines or dull days.

    Every day you have a new plan or a new idea to make life a lot more fun. You are the perfect life partner, the ideal person to go on a trip with.

    You are that person with whom you can laugh until you cry or until your belly hurts. And clearly, you also have your dark or more "dangerous" side. You are an impatient and impulsive person who is a bit crazy at times and who acts without thinking. After even regretting making the odd decision. But it is just that impulsiveness that makes you so unique, so, even if it is a defect, never change it, please ... Sagittarius, you are PURE adrenaline; you want to live, and you want to enjoy it to the fullest. The best thing about hanging out with you is just that. It is the number of opportunities you offer others to live life.