What Sagittarius Looks for in Their Life Partner

    As we begin to quote EVERYTHING your soulmate needs, we stay until tomorrow morning of AFTER, and even then, we would not finish Sagittarius because, of course, someone like you would not leave or settle for little in life. Never. Let's get started.
    What do you need most in a Sagittarius life partner? Independence? Liberty? Love? Many trips? All that, of course, but that would not be main, and you know it, Sagittarius. The basics, the primordial, the first thing you look for in someone is GOOD VIBRA.

    Your soulmate has to be your helping hand, your family, and your home.

    Full stop Sagittarius, much more than a roll, much more than a partner, much more than the person who appears in your publications and with whom you do not really love yourself. You want your relationship to be ALIVE and full of life. You don't care about the imperfect ones, and you don't care about the changes that may arise; if it is from the hand of someone you know is trustworthy, you don't care. For you, trust is a precious treasure and very difficult to see right now. You want and need someone who drives you crazy in every way, which makes you laugh every two by three, especially in the most challenging moments, who breaks all your schemes, your fears, your barriers ... You need someone who has the same vision of the world as you, or if it is not the same, at least it is similar because your positivity cannot be seen stained with a monotonous spirit and without any spark. Sagittarius, you are fire, and fire always goes up to the sky naturally; it always goes up and never down.