What Sagittarius Must Let Go in December

    You must let go of all that insecurity that sometimes enters you.

    Yes, Sagittarius, despite the fact that you are pure fire and that it even seems that you live to the limit every day and that you do things all the time according to what your heart and your desire dictate, it is not so. You have gone through moments that have created a lot of insecurity, Sagi, and that, in the end, you have dragged until today. What has to happen will happen, so stop putting your life in the hands of others.

    Sometimes you feel threatened as if it were others who could get you off the path you are taking ...

    He does not forgive, and you are doing things well, so do not live with the fear of thinking about what might happen. If someone perfect doesn't like you, let them kick you out, leave you, or get away from you. But what you should not do is wait for that to happen, Sagi. Be yourself / or be who you really are, do not complicate yourself with others, do not complicate yourself with what they may think or what they can do, whatever will be, and sometimes not everything is in your hands, unfortunately. Act as you are; act as you would act without pressure. And fuck the world, and if someone doesn't like you, let them leave, but not let them crush youჴ€¦ No more.