What Sagittarius Wants Right Now

    You want this year to be totally different from the others, you want to love and feel Sagittarius at all times, and you want each day of your New Year to be an authentic safari of emotions and new things to discover try.

    You want Sagittarius rumba, rhythm in your life, less monotony, and many more possibilities.

    A good radical turn in your work environment, unforgettable moments with your people, and demonstrations of love make you think that everything in the past was worth it. Let's say that last year was a bit homey for you (indeed, although it is difficult to believe for your habits, you stayed at home more times than you are used to) and yes, you know that it is very good, you know that you have to rest and that It is essential to have a place where you can retire and feel at home, but for this year you do not want more Sagittarius home environments, you do not want more boring plans or be the one who is all day trying to connect with people so that they lift their butts from the sofa. Your social life is going to undergo a radical change, and no, it is not going to do it because we say so or because it is written somewhere; it is going to do it. After all, you want it. After all, you are no longer at home without plans because you are Sagittarius, and that is not your essence point. 2018 served you as a part-time nap in which you accumulated a lot of positive energy and the desire to eat the world, experiment, and why not? To travel. Make 2019 the showcase of those diets and those dreams because when it is you in its purest form, you fall in love.