What Scares Sagittarius About Their Future

    You are not being able to be you, not being able to move forward, not being able to have maximum freedom, and not having open space. Possibly those are what scares you the most about your nearest future Sagittarius, claustrophobia in general, in all senses and all aspects of your life. The feeling of being in a very closed space, without windows, with a few square meters to move aroundჴ€¦ That feeling is almost the same as when you want to do something, and you can't when you notice that you are staying stagnant or in a place deep down that does not belong to you.

    You are a very accessible person, a very independent and quite adventurous Sagittarius, and the fact of thinking that you will stay where you are right now for the rest of your life creates anxiety, claustrophobia, and many more strange and strange sensations that you do not like at all.

      That scares you from your nearest future, not being able to move forward, staying where you are, and not being able to aspire to what you want in your life. This year you have learned that not lifelong friends, if not quality and real friends. You have also learned that there are no rewards that fall from the sky if you don't move your ass and go for them. You have learned much more than anyone Sagittarius knows, and just thinking that everything will change and that nothing will ever be the same gives you a lot of anxiety. In your nearest future, you want freedom in every way. You want time to flow and nothing to influence it negatively. You want to grow, fly from the nest you are in right now, and find new doors, new possibilities, and a new routine; you want that thread of freedom never cut, Sagittarius. Do not worry about that anguish that it produces when you are near very closed places and very closed-minded Sagittarius people, do not let that negativity kill the positivity that characterizes you so much because if there is not enough space for all your freedom, always You will have the option to throw down any wall, window or person that does not let you breathe. As simple as that. Advance, continue, persist, and insist because your future is yours and nobody else's.