What You Don't Know About Sagittarius When It Breaks

    You are a very free Sagittarius soul, independent from the cradle and with a lot of positivity in the body. You love to experiment, travel, and know exotic, new places that nobody knows; you love to be like that, someone who learns while traveling and who never pretends to be an intelligent person who has seen everything. You are a very pure, transparent soul that shits it for talking too much but does not deceive by being silent too much because you love being natural and being who you are, no matter what happens. But what happens when you are not at your best, Sagittarius? That you leave the good for others, that you give them a lot of space in your life, in your decisions, and all Sagittarius, that gives you a pod that you don't even know what it is about, and you dedicate yourself to giving people what they want and NOT what you deserve.

    You are an excellent friend, one of the best, thoughtfully, and no one can say a single bad word about your friendship.

    Do you have character? Of course, and a lot, as a good sign of fire, you have a temperament to stop a train. Still, at the moment of truth, you are a bit Sagittarius angel, sometimes you are a bit silly (no offense, it is the truth, and you know it), and that is what does not do you justice Sagittarius; you never do to others what you do not like to be done, but if you allow others to use you when they are interested and you let them go out of your life without just saying a thank you or without paying for it, that is of course. When you do not go through a sound stage, others do not see it, but you give in too much, you let yourself be carried away by the toxic current, the good one bores you, and you allow yourself to be embraced by what you should not do. You know Sagittarius ...