What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Sagittarius

    What you want:

    Sagittarius, what you really want is that person who is out of your reach. Someone who is like your other half for you; you want to find your other halfჴ€”that person who fills all the voids within you and complements you perfectly. You want in your life that person who signs up for any plan and offers you plans that you can sign up forჴ€”an adventurous person who follows the roll without questioning you. You want to indeed fall in love and find that person who makes you be at that level where you have never been. You want a partner to enjoy her, to feel her support, to be able to admire her, and to give her all the passion in the world. You want someone who will gradually fulfill your wishes and allow himself to be cared for and protected. You want pure and simple fun that in your relationship, there is not a single day of boredom. Without a doubt, you want your partner to be able to respect your freedom and your personal space.

    What you need:

    But what you need, Sagittarius is a person who does not run away when he discovers your darker side. That he never runs away from you, that he wants to know you while giving you the freedom to do yourself and to do the things you like. Someone who really removes you from the inside to the point of making you want to commit yourself, something that is quite difficult for you, Sagittarius. In a relationship, you need a person who is willing to sign up for any adventure with you but who also knows how to put your feet on the ground when you want to escape far away. It would be best if you had an adventure partner for EVERYTHING. To talk, to travel, to seek happiness together. You need a person who is able to accept and follow your lifestyle. A person who makes you see that life as a couple is not as bad as you thought.