Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Sagittarius?

    You are that half that never gives up and always listens. That unconditional support that is always there for whatever it is and that never puts a single fault in order to help where it can. You are a piece of Sagittarius bread, and people are not ready to swallow their envy of you. Whoever wants to be like you, put on the waiting list and wait for the miracle from heaven to rain because Sagittarius is born and not made. But not all that glitters is gold, and you know it well; whoever thinks that your life is reduced to good vibes, parties, friends, beers, and little else is entirely wrong.

    You are a very impulsive person who almost always blurts out everything he thinks about, always wanting to know and experience much more.

    And with a very clear conscience for each and every step, you take in your life. With the passage of time, you have become strong, and the disappointments that have appeared along the way, even more so. But you also have moments of reflection. You also have lower stages of spirits.

    Sagittarius, admit it; you too are afraid of not knowing what to do with your life.

    And in those moments, it is when you most need others to do the function that you always do. That's when you need their help, and you want them to measure up. You do not demand something that you know you cannot give. You do not ask that they be your shadow or that they give up their lives to help you. All you require is a modicum of common sense. They understand you in a *** time and that they see all the effort you put into being who you are. You lose faith in humanity and the desire to be a good person when you only see selfishness, injustice, and superiority. And sometimes you think that's why others will never be able to love you. Because you are so different ... I wish, and everyone thought the same as you, Sagi ... I wish...