Why Sagittarius Could Lose His Own

    Relationships with others can bring out the good and the bad in us. Or even we ourselves sometimes screw up and inadvertently lose people we really cared about. Sagittarius, you have a very carefree nature that is very endearing, and everyone envies you for that very reason. But it can also interfere with having relationships in a more severe way. It is true that you are a person who is good at making others laugh and that difficult situation are much easier with you.

    You are one of those people who always has a joke or something funny at any time. But, Sagittarius, you cannot make your relationships based only on jokes and ongoing jokes because people can start to get tired and think that you are the buffoon on duty.

    If you don't want to lose your loved ones, Sagittarius, you have to show more affection and more affection. It doesn't work to make them laugh. That, indeed, no one rejects your jokes and your jokes, but you must give yourself more on a practical and affectionate level. Because if you remain such a distant person in that regard, it can influence the relationship and prevent it from moving forward. Even if you have a hard time showing affection for the people you care about, you have to start doing it if you don't want your relationship to end. It will be difficult, everyone knows it, Sagittarius, but you have to try. Losing your people is not a dish of good taste for anyone, least of all for you, who are such a social person and who lives for and for their friends and family. Sagittarius, be more affectionate with the people you care about, and that way, you will never lose anyone.