Why Sagittarius Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    It is true that you have felt a bit off the last few days. You have always been a very positive person, but you do not know why you have felt the opposite the last few days. As if you will stop having faith in the rest of humanity. As if all the effort you put in is useless. And also, you have begun to feel betrayed by people around you, which is not something that also demotivates you. In addition, for all this, you have been neglecting your health more, and that is also beginning to take its toll on you.

    It has been an accumulation of things that have exploded, and you have been the only victim of it. You don't even know what you can do to change all of this anymore.

    But let me explain that this is all due to the moon. The full moon on October 9 was to blame for making you feel this way. On the previous days, you felt unmotivated and pessimistic when that was not normal for you. But on the 9th, you felt like a shot of energy; you felt how suddenly all your doubts were resolved and how you were again as cheerful as always. And the fact is that the moon has given you all that strength that you needed to be yourself again. To want to eat the world again with the same intensity as before. The moon has been the one that has made you open your eyes and the one that made you stop seeing everything terrible that was around you. The moon has not solved all the problems, but it has made you see them differently. You have to take advantage of all the opportunities that are to come, Sagittarius. The full moon will also give you the energy to plan the odd trip with those that you like so much.