Why Sagittarius Has Too Soft Heart

    If there is something to toast today, now, and always, Sagittarius, of course, it will be because of your friendship with all the people around you. If there is someone who is really worth knowing, it is you. Those who really know you know how big and good you are. Those who don't know you see you as someone with a very crazy philosophy of life, but hey, that's another issue, those who don't know you don't see how much you risk and bet on others. Her happiness is your happiness, and for her, for making it NEVER disappear, you are very capable of all Sagittarius, often putting his before your own. That is the reason why your heart can suffer and can cry. That is what Sagittarius can make you weak, thinking that others will be there in the same way that you care for them.

    Not everyone stays and takes risks when things look terrible and turn black. Very few people resist and do not leave when everything falls apart. Your yes, Sagittarius, you do it because it comes from your soul, your heart demands it, and you make it come true.

    You want your people to do the same, but you don't want to ask for it; you want them to empathize and be up to the task, but you give a lot of hope, Sagittarius, which makes your heart disappoint, that makes it suffer more than it should ...
    The essence of your goodness is one of those that stays forever. Your heart does not soften at any time, Sagittarius; he does not need it because he is already excellent and soft as standard. He was born like that, and he was born with positivity and with the firmness that everything passes, that everything comes, and that with effort, everything comes out.