Why Sagittarius Should Be Your Best Friend

    There may be many people willing to be your friend, but I assure you that there is no friendship like that of Sagittarius. Usually, it is believed that Sagittarius is a calm, easygoing person, who does not care about everything and who always goes to his ball, but that does not mean that he does not always want anyone to be his friend. You can give that image because you try to protect your heart and put up barriers so that this does not happen. But when Sagittarius trusts you, let your guard down.

    When you really get to his heart, that's where you can get to know his true sense of humor, the one that makes him such a valuable friend.

    Sagittarius is not ashamed or knows it and even more so if it is about making you laugh. That is why Sagittarius is such a good friend, because he will do everything possible to make you smile, even in the most challenging moments. Your Sagittarius friend will be that person who will help you and who will always be by your side when you have to face the most difficult battle. Sagittarius will give you all the spirits in the world when you can't take it anymore. He is going to give you strength and convince you to keep fighting, but he will also be the one there to pick you up if you ever fall. A Sagittarius will never allow you to give up and that is why sometimes you can come to believe that he is being a bit harsh and that he wants to see you suffer, but that you know that he does everything for your good.

    Having a Sagittarius by your side is like having luck on your side.

    With Sagittarius you will also learn to laugh at yourself and accept your flaws. When there is already confidence, Sagittarius has no problem laughing at you, because they know that it is best to take life with fun. He does not do this to hurt you, because you already know that Sagittarius would never do anything that could hurt you, he simply does it so that you learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes. Sagittarius is the best at not taking things seriously and at teaching you that you shouldn't either. Sagittarius is the best friend that will make you see that life is not as difficult as it is painted. And without even realizing it, Sagittarius will already be your best friend and you will never want him to leave your life.

    Sagittarius will allow you to enter his life little by little and he will get to know you in such a way that you will not even realize that you are his best friend.

    He takes things slow because he wants to get to know you in the best possible way. But be careful, because in such a way you enter his life, you can leave. Sagittarius will be with you through thick and thin, but if you don't show him that you are loyal ... Know that he has no problem not talking to you again. It is that the friendship of Sagittarius is all that is needed in your life. Give off a good vibe and positive energy that you will never want to disappear from your side. Your Sagittarius friend will encourage you to do all that you have never dared to do out of fear. It will also teach you to be positive and to stick with only the good. Sagittarius by his side does not want negative people, he wants people who have faith and who believe in themselves more than in anyone else. Sagittarius radiates so much calm and so much good energy that it will make you remember why you should keep fighting to achieve all your dreams.

    We can all have bad days, even that person who seems to be always happy. Even Sagittarius also have days when they wish they hadn't gotten out of bed.

    But even though it may not be the best day of your life, Sagittarius will remind you to breathe deeply and relax. It will remind you that there are things that do not depend on you and that everything happens for a reason. Maybe if you have a bad day today, it is because something good is just around the corner. Sagittarius is going to do everything he can to cheer you up, even when he's not having a good day himself. Nor should we forget that Sagittarius is that friend with whom you can always be yourself and with whom you do not have to be afraid of being judged. Sagittarius is a very open-minded person with whom you can talk about any topic and with whom you can be the person you want. In addition, Sagittarius loves to surround himself with different people with whom he can learn something new every day. He loves to share moments with very intelligent people and with people who keep a lot of things inside. The reason why your best friend has to be Sagittarius is because with him / her you will know what the true meaning of the word friendship is.