Why Sagittarius Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    The reason why you prefer to be alone in bad company, Sagittarius, is because you know that if you are single, there will be no way for anyone to hurt you. In solitude, the only one who can hurt yourself is yourself, and you will take care so that this does not happen. This way, you save the odd annoyance or unnecessary drama. You prefer to be alone before they play with your heart around like nothing. And also, finding love is not something that worries you because you know that your happiness only depends on you after all.

    You know perfectly well that you are the only owner of your life and that you yourself depend on everything that happens in your life. You know that if you want to fall in love, you will, but you don't want to go through that right now.

    They already broke your heart last time, and you don't want that to happen again now. You prefer to enjoy the single life, and there is nothing wrong with it. In your mind right now, falling in love means getting into trouble, and it is not what you want ... You do not want your heart to break again, and that is why you keep it to yourself. That is the easiest way to protect yourself. You prefer solitude to be next to a person who does not fill you or someone with whom you cannot be yourself. Sagittarius, you will always be a free soul, whether you have a partner or not, and you love to enjoy solitude without a doubt. If you want to do something, you don't mind doing it alone. Although you may be a little afraid of traveling alone, all you have to do is get out of your comfort zone. And right now, all you want to do is enjoy yourself rather than fall in love. You prefer to be alone than to be accompanied, and you want to connect with yourself and learn to listen and love yourself as you deserve.