5 Reasons Why You Need a Scorpio Best Friend in Your Life

    Scorpio friendship is something very special, something that cannot be expressed or explained in words. He is honest, and he always tells the truth, he is super protective, and most importantly, he highly values everything his friends do for him/her. And for that, these are the five reasons why your best friend should be a Scorpio:

    No.1 Honesty is your greatest virtue.

    What happens to Scorpio can even be seen on his face. Although they are talking around and saying that Scorpio is a very dark person, Scorpio in friendship is someone very honest. If you don't feel like doing something, you're not going to make excuses, and you're going to say you don't feel like doing it, period. Scorpio is more about getting straight to the point than fooling around. And, on the contrary, in friendship, one of its requirements is that you also be honest. Scorpio DETESTS (with all the letters) lies. He would rather you tell him a painful truth than a white lie. There are times when people are very scared of people who are like that, who are so honest, but today it is highly valued to have such a person by your side.

    No.2 His plans are some of the funniest and most creative in the Zodiac.

    Wherever you see him, who can be a little more reserved and distant at first, Scorpio, when he gains confidence, can become the craziest and funniest person you have ever met. It takes a lot for him to open up, but once he gets a run, there is no one to stop him. In addition, he has the best ideas about the Zodiac, and very few people know how to value them. Some say that they are a bit dark and too daring, but it is that when Scorpios want to have fun, they like to have a good time and forget about everything. Your best friend must be a Scorpio for this very reason because, with him/her, you will not know what it is to be bored.

    No.3 Your secret will always be safe with Scorpio.

    And that is very difficult, and people seem to have a hard time keeping secrets. But with Scorpio, it will always be well guarded. Scorpio knows very well what it is to be betrayed, he has gone through that many times, and for that reason, he will never make you go through something like that. If you tell Scorpio something about your life and don't want anyone to find out, don't worry; Scorpio is grave at that moment. Nothing will ever come out of Scorpio's mouth without your prior consent. Scorpio is a treasure; if you have a Scorpio around, you will know it very well. Having Scorpio as your best friend means that you will never feel betrayed. Who doesn't want to have such a person by their side?

    No.4 He takes great care of his friends and his family. Also, in a very special way.

    You may not have expected it, but Scorpio is a super protective person. Days may go by without seeing him, and you can live miles away from him/her, but your friendship will remain as strong as the first day. And that's because Scorpio cares so much about keeping that flame burning. But above all, because Scorpio cares about you and your life. For Scorpio, his people are very important in his life, not to say that they are his highest priority. Scorpio lives by and for his people and knows that he would be nothing without them. He likes to meet his friends very much, but, above all, he likes to listen to them. Obviously, he also wants to receive the same in return, but he knows that with the people he trusts, that will never be lacking. As you are already seeing, Scorpio's friendship is something very special. Something that is worth millions is like a plant that must be given away every day.

    No.5 With Scorpio, everything goes well because of the passion that it puts in him and because of how he plans things.

    With Scorpio, you will always feel safe. Despite the fact that he is a bit unpredictable at times and there are times when he/she does not understand himself/herself... In general, he/she is a person who puts a lot of effort into doing things well. It is true that sometimes he needs a little push or he needs you to be by his side to give him the confidence he needs, but still, he is a very intelligent and hard-working person. The passion he has for everything he does is incredible. If you have to organize a trip or a plan, Scorpio is always the first to give ideas, look for alternatives, etc ... If you need help with something, Scorpio is the first to stand by your side and help you with everything you need. Scorpio is a person very dedicated to things and people that really matter to him. Your best friend should be a Scorpio for all these reasonsჴ€¦ Don't miss out.