How Do Scorpio Deal With Breakups?

    Scorpio: from October 23 to November 22.


    When you've been through a breakup in your life, you do just about anything to "ease" the pain. And those things are not always productive for you. You know it, Scorpio, it is not that you are going through a bad life, but you hurt yourself a lot; you know how to hurt yourself a lot. You are capable of drinking excessively, smoking a lot, working too much, interacting with people who you know do not give you absolutely anything ... Your emotions are so intense that you think they may dissolve by doing all that one day. And the problem is that they do not dissolve but grow more and more. Although you know that at some point in that suffering, everything will stop and end up being solved, it is very difficult for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if you had to destroy yourself and then be reborn, hit bottom, and later rise like foam.


    It would be best if you allowed yourself to feel that things hurt and that Scorpio has to go through. You have to take your time, and you have to sit back and relax and think that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and that, in the end, you will end up being reborn as the Phoenix. Trying to drown yourself in your sorrows will only make it harder to get up and overcome later. Your people can help you see things about the relationship that you didn't see in Scorpio. Talk it over with them. But don't overdo it either, just for a little while. Afterward, try to forget the subject and not talk more about the same thing because you yourself get tangled up in loops that don't have any exit. And, of course, you do not convince yourself of anything in those moments. It's just a waste of time. Over time, you will realize that, in your case, not talking about a specific topic ends up softening everything. It's not that Scorpio isn't there. It is simply that you are ignoring it, and in the end, it has little force.