How to Conquer a Scorpio

    No.1 If there is enormous passion, trust, RESPECT, and freedom, there is half a battle won to reach your Scorpio heart.

    Scorpio, you do not want to share your life and your time with someone who does not trust you, who cannot be far from you, who has no more life beyond yours ... You could not be in a toxic relationship in which there is no respect, in which everything is the same, monotonous, boringჴ€¦. By your side, you want someone who makes you feel good, and with whom passion never wanes. Someone with whom you can share your fears, your achievements, your concerns, and everything else without fear of being judged, you want your partner to be very fiery, like you, but you want him also to have his own space, his independence, and his wings. In the right measure, of course.

    No.2 Getting to the point with a knife.

    Scorpio, subtlety does not suit you. Subtle messages and very quiet signals are not your things. Suppose you want something with someone that someone prepares because you take out all the heavy artillery. Your magnetism is very powerful; he is the key Scorpio, and you know it. You are a very direct and dissimulating person, and it is not your greatest art. Your heart can be seduced this way, and you know it. Although you also like the unforeseen, you like people who get straight to the point.

    No.3 Without stress, without questioning yourself, and without losing confidence in yourself.

    It is obvious that your character is not the best in the Scorpio world, and the truth is that you like to be like that; you love it. It is very obvious that you are not a perfect person on earth, you know it, and that is why you love yourself even more. Finding someone who respects your character, who understands that you are like that and that you are not going to change and who stays with the best of you, can be key to conquering your Scorpio heart.

    No.4 With true facts and not with false words.

    Seducing you is not the same as flirting with you. You can flirt with several Scorpios at the same time and not want anything serious with any of them. Seducing you is another thing; conquering your heart is not that easy and even more so when we talk about you. Scorpio, your heart is much more sensitive than anyone knows and does not want any falsehood by its side. To conquer you, it is not enough to promise you the moon and the stars; it does not serve to give you thousands of ideas, trips, and adventures in your ear and not fulfill them. To get to you, you have to prove everything; promises that last over time are useless; in your case, you prefer facts and instant demonstrations that make you see that everything is true.

    No.5 Your heart will be seduced when it verifies that the puzzle pieces fit together. If not, nothing.

    To have a lasting and serious relationship, your heart has to feel that it complements the other heart in all areas. It is not enough to get along with someone and try something. If that someone had admiration for your determination to succeed, or if they shared concerns with you, it could be.

    No.6 With fidelity.

    I said you do not open your heart to any Scorpio, but when you feel that the person in front of you is the right one is when you start to let your heart go out and show more. Now, the moment your sixth sense senses that there is no full fidelity on the part of the person you are dating, agდ¼ita because there is nothing more dangerous than you when you discover that. Nothing more dangerous than the anger of a Scorpio, right?

    No.7 3, 2, 1ჴ€¦ Let the pleasure game begin.

    If there is something that you love, it is the Scorpio game, but the game that is created when two people like each other and when neither of them wants to give everything from the beginning. You know perfectly what it is about; the prize for the best lover is your Scorpio and that they try to conquer you in this way is to add many, many to reach your heart.