How to Know if Scorpio Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    Scorpio, despite being such a dark person, you also have a heart and feelings. And even if people may not believe it, your heart is huge, and your feelings can be much more intense than anyones. Despite all that image that you always want to convey to others of strength and toughness, Scorpio, you are one of those who fall in love when you least expect it ... And when you have already fallen, you know that it is impossible to get out of there. You know that you are in love when suddenly you are not afraid to open your heart or that others see your most vulnerable side. You are already a very sensitive person, Scorpio, and you know it, but falling in love makes that sensitivity come out. You are one of those people who prefer to keep their feelings to themselves, but when you fall in love, all that changes completely.

    When you fall in love, you start to feel that you need to share with that person everything that happens within you because you want your relationship to be as sincere as possible.

    And for this, you need to communicate and get everything you keep inside. But the most notable change that you are going to notice when you fall in love, Scorpio, is that you are going to become a very impulsive person. In general, you are a person who likes to have everything under control and who usually thinks twice before taking risks, but all this disappears from your life when love knocks on your door. In love, you are a person who cares about risk, who does not mind losing everything he has, who does not mind leaving everything for that person. And you will notice that you are beginning to fall in love for that very reason because when you are with that person, you forget everything, absolutely everything. You will do the crazy things that are necessary for that person, and you will do them again whenever necessary. You will be the person that you are without fear of anyone judging you, but much less, without fear of ANYTHING. Also, you will realize that the passion you feel at that moment is uncontrollable. Sometimes you can even feel overwhelmed by everything your heart feels, to such an extent that sometimes it will be difficult for you to manage all those feelings ... For you, Scorpio, being in love is quite an adventure.