Scorpio Child - October 24 to November 22

    Discover the dominant traits of the Scorpio child's astral personality and how you can help stimulate their healthy development.

    The Scorpio child is a true rocket ship, full of energy and attitude. You love being the center of attention, which will help you overcome your fear of failure. The natives of this sign are a mixture of introversion and extroversion, spending as much time alone as in the company of friends. They may seem very reserved and overly sensitive, so they may need help talking about their feelings. Your Scorpio baby loves to please and can be quite moody and intense, especially when they debate your point of view. Be prepared for some inconvenience when you feel misunderstood! The Scorpio child has many "favorites" - foods, friends, and family members, and may need help to participate in new activities or friendships. Since she loves having an alter ego, you need to expand her personality through imaginative games like dress-up, drama classes, and story writing. Highly intuitive, he can understand the moods around him - so you should pay attention to the energies that affect your little Scorpio and help him manage everything that happens around him through good communication.

    Characteristics of the Scorpio Sign

    • Date  - from October 24 to November 22 (+/-)
    • Keyword  - I BELIEVE
    • Attributes  - Passionate, cautious, controlling, discreet, determined, daring, empathetic, intuitive, relentless, manipulative, obsessive, possessive, resentful, reactive, sincere, vindictive
    • Boost  - Transform
    • Ruling planet  - Pluto (in Modern Astrology)
    • Coregent Planet  - Mars
    • Element  - Water
    • Quality  - Fixed
    • House  - Eighth
    • Color  - Black
    • Opposite sign  - Taurus

    Your Little Scorpio

    The Scorpio personality is unusually intuitivesensitivemysteriousintense, and adventurous. Scorpio is the sign of "all or nothing." You can't see the middle ground in situations. This is a very strong personality trait that you will maintain throughout your life and also influences the nature of your relationships. It cannot be indifferent to anything or anyoneჴ€”either love or hate. Jealous and possessive, they need help understanding the meaning of the word " restraint ." The Scorpio child must be taught to see the world in colors beyond black and gray. There is a nuance that makes the analysis of situations and people more complex. The Scorpio native has a loyal and devoted character and enormous empathy for the feelings of others. He is passionate about life and its mysteries. Examine people in detail - their gestures, their expressions. Distrustful and cautious, he avoids strangers and needs time to get to know and evaluate people. Very sensitive, your little Scorpio has the ability to perceive the feelings of others, even if they seem somewhat distracted. It can be difficult to hide something from you or keep a secret from your sharp gaze. The Scorpio child needs, above all, to trust his parents and the people with whom he relates. More than anything, it is the quality of relationships that gives you security. That is why honesty and clear and objective communication are so important, and that is why it is important not to hide secrets or mask reality with stories or lies. Full of energy, your Scorpio child hates inactivity. It would be best if you were busy doing things all the time. As he is very competitive, he places a high value on personal achievements, and when he does not achieve his goals, he can become jealous and agitated. He does not like to lose, and second place does not satisfy him. Very analytical, your little Scorpio always seeks to know the why of things and master all the pieces of the puzzle. The Scorpio child has extraordinary intuition and an insightful spirit. He does not let any lies escape him, and that is why it is preferable to be honest, and clear. It would help if you had imagination and magic to be happy. He loves the outdoors and needs to expend his immense energy on new activities that motivate him to discover more about the world. Passionate about life and love, Scorpios will never disappoint their parents and friends unless they are untruthful.

    The Personality of the Scorpio Child

    It's irresistible because ...

    • It is impossible to resist his captivating gaze.
    • Love intensely, deeply, and loyally
    • Has extraordinary determination and self-confidence

    It can be difficult because ...

    • When you don't like someone, you show it.
    • Your questions can be embarrassing (you hate lies and always get to the bottom of the facts)
    • May have a difficult temperament.

    Has some secrets ...

    • Your intuition is rare.
    • He loves secrets and unsolved mysteries.
    • It would be best if you hid to travel to your fantasy world.
    • Has a sharp ear


    • Love and hate things
    • Do magic
    • Games involving competition
    • Invent new games and fantasy worlds
    • Strong emotions and contrasts
    • Mystery

    Does not like ...

    • Lies
    • To be ignored
    • The strangers
    • Hypocritical people
    • Lack of word

    What Most Desire the Scorpio Child from Their Parents

    The Scorpio child has a complex personality and demands great loyalty from everyone around him. You hate feeling ignored or cheated on. On the other hand, he loves life and its mysteries. Despite your objective mind, you need fantasy in your life to be happy. He dedicates himself to everything with great passion and does not know how to do things in any other wayჴ€”either love or hate. He is very determined and likes power games, but he is not an exhibitionist. You need your parents to support you in your decisions, but without making it too obvious. What he expects from them is sincerity, but with a lot of love involved. Your Scorpio child is very sensitive and can discover the true emotions of the people he deals with. So always be honest and explain what really motivates your decisions and attitudes. Never hide anything from him, even if it's not nice. Your Scorpio child knows exactly what he wants, but he has his own rhythm. Please respect it. Reserved and insightful, he establishes a love/hate relationship with all people and objects. Don't bother with this way of being. It is natural that today he loves a doll and tomorrow not so much, or that he destroys the Lego tower that he spent hours building.

    How to stimulate the talents of your Scorpio child

    To develop their gifts and talents, keep the following in mind when dealing with your Scorpio child:
    • Scorpio loves to compete. Get him to participate in physically demanding team games, water sports, skating, dancing, and gymnastics.
    • Don't suppress their energy. Encourage him to do various things and try new activities. Let him choose.
    • The Scorpio child tends to take refuge in his imaginary world when something goes wrong. You may withdraw, stay quiet, and lose your appetite. Talk to him openly and help him figure out his own feelings.
    • Like all children, Scorpios also need to live in a safe and loving environment where they feel confident to share feelings and anguish. Talking will help you balance your emotions and find shelter and comfort.
    • Don't makeup stories or lies to disguise reality. Always be sincere. Your Scorpio child can't bear to be taken away from you. Once trust is lost, it won't be easy to regain it.
    • Since he likes to assume responsibilities from a young age, give him small tasks such as putting the dishes on the table or taking care of his pet.
    • Your Scorpio child will soon have the ability to manage his own money. He loves receiving an allowance and managing his savings. Please take advantage of this fact to teach him some principles of financial management.

    A Brief Note on Cusps

    If your child was born on the cusp of a Zodiac sign, that is, in the first or last days of the date range of each sign (or when he was born "between two signs"), it may reveal personality traits of the signs. Found on both sides of the cusp. If your child has a small cusp, check both signs, and you may discover some traits of both in your child's character.

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