What Annoies Scorpio Most in a Relationship

    Everyone is bothered by things, especially when you spend so much time with that person. Even when you share everything with her. As you get to know your partner, you realize that there are some things that get you out of your boxes and that get on your nerves. Scorpio, what bothers you about your partner is that he does not spend the necessary time with you or that when he is with you, he is aware of something else. It will drive you crazy when your partner is present, but it seems that their mind is on another planet.

    It bothers you when he's more concerned with other things than spending time with you. And also you, Scorpio, who is a person who likes to protect what is his, this makes you hysterical.

    It can bother you so much, to the point of not understanding what is going through your partner's mind. You cannot understand someone is capable of neglecting something that is important so much. As you are not like that, it is difficult for you to put yourself in their shoes and know what is happening in their mind. For you, Scorpio, the connection is very important, and it bothers you when your partner doesn't spend enough time with you. But it is also important to listen to that person and understand what they want to say to you. Scorpio, maybe you should give your partner more space and time.

    In a relationship, you cannot lack freedom and your own space, even if you have many things in common later. It is important not to burden your partner; let him do his things and have time to spend alone.

    Perhaps you, too, should learn to spend time alone without being overwhelmed by not being with your partner. You have to relax, Scorpio. You cannot demand so much of yourself and that person. There must be a space between the two so that the flame remains lit and does not go out. And the best thing, if something bothers you, is to speak directly with your partner, and thus you will save many misunderstandings ...