What Are the Positive and Negative of Scorpio

    We all, absolutely all of us, have our good things and our not-so-good things. We are not perfect, and surely we never will be, although many do not like that ... All signs have our positive traits, but also negative traits, and these are yours, Scorpio. To begin, we are going to talk about the positive traits, those that differentiate you from other signs and that make you be yourself. You are a very strong and very brave person, and you are rarely afraid of something, Scorpio. Although it is also true that you are sensitive, that is more emotionally speaking. You are a super brave person when it comes to taking risks, making decisions, and jumping into the pool. And in addition, you are strong and always try to solve all problems; no matter how difficult they may seem, you will do everything possible to solve that which torments you. You are also a SUPER intuitive person. You could say that you are one of the most intuitive signs of the Zodiac. You do not need words, and you are more of letting yourself be carried away by the vibe, by the energies, and by the environment. Yes, it may sound very mystical, but it is true. Whenever you intuit, you are right, ALWAYS. In fact, sometimes you can even read the minds of others. And finally, another of your positive traits is that you are a very ambitious person.

    You are very concerned about the future, but you are not afraid of it; you see it as an opportunity to grow and fulfill your dreams.

    And in addition, you also like to surround yourself with ambitious people who have plans for the future and care about fulfilling their dreams. Scorpio, what motivates you greatly is the power and the possibility of fulfilling your dreams. But not everything is perfect, Scorpio, and you too have flaws like everyone else. To start talking about your negative traits, you have to talk about your worst trait: you are VERY jealous and distrustful. They have played with your heart so much in the past that you don't want to go through it again. They have broken your heart and your illusions so many times that they have made you become a jealous person, a person who overprotects his own, a very distrustful person.

    You need to protect what you have now because you don't want your heart to break again; you don't want to go through that again.

    You are also a very dark and very mysterious person for the simple reason that you don't easily trust others. It is very difficult for you to trust people; you are not one of those people who immediately tell others about their lives. Even with people you trust, you are still such a person because you hardly ever trust someone 100%ჴ€¦ And we don't forget that you are a very vindictive person. When they hurt you, when they betray you, when they misbehave you, the only thing you think about is paying that person with the same currency. You want them to suffer just as you have suffered. You want them to live in their flesh, everything that you have lived.