What Are the Stereotypes of Scorpio That You Should Know

    Scorpio is one of the most controversial signs of the Zodiac, not to say the most and yes, also the most hated, the most feared, and the one with the worst fame of all the signs. The 15 Scorpio stereotypes that follow you are almost always true. Judge for yourself.

    No.1 Scorpio is one of the most intuitive and spiritual signs of the Zodiac

    They tend to trust their intuition and are rarely wrong. They come; further, they observe you, and they can read you, their intuition is supernatural many times, it has saved them from many, and it almost always serves as a guide. No.2 They know how to keep secrets. If Scorpio promised you that he would never reveal your secret, and you could be more than calm. He is not the type of person who spreads everything; in fact, he usually hates people who are of that ilk, who are all day gossiping and meddling in the lives of others. Scorpio is not like that and always has more important things to do.

    No.3 They are very jealous

    Although they may seem otherwise on the outside, Scorpio is very jealous. They are competitive and believe they deserve the best. And many times, it comes to them from believing it so much. In relationships, they are jealous and distrustful until they are shown otherwise.

    No.4 In bed, he is above average, so there are no such problems with Scorpios.

    Let no one think that because of this, Scorpio can go with anyone because he is not right. Scorpio goes with whoever he wants, but not with anyone he wants with her/him. He becomes even more passionate when he falls in love, but be careful because he will not fall in love easily.

    No.5 They are obsessive and possessive

    Clearly, the game is over if Scorpio looks at something, be it a person or an object. They will want to know EVERYTHING about that thing or that person. For Scorpios, "it" spends 24 hours in their head; they make it "theirs," and they don't give up until they get what they want. Many times it has been impossible to obtain it, but always, sooner or later, that ends up returning to the life of Scorpio in some way.

    No.6 Has a tendency to melancholy

    I wish it were not like that, but Scorpio is melancholic. And they are like that for two reasons. The first is that their love is always deep and strong, and they feel that they will never have back all that they are capable of giving. And the second is because, being more introverted and barely telling things about their personal life, others do not know them, they often give a bad image, and that makes them sad.

    No.7 They are distrustful

    Scorpios don't trust anyone easily, and everyone has to know this. They examine anyone who wants to enter their inner circle, and the truth is that it is difficult to do so. Once you get it, you will have a friend for life, but it will be difficult to break through that barrier.

    No.8 Scorpio is super loyal

    Scorpio will be loyal to you until death as soon as you have that confidence. He never forgets a favor, not even when you helped him out of a pothole or some nostalgic moment. They will always give you back what you give, multiplied by 3.

    No.9 Is very vindictive

    Just as they do not forget the good actions, they also do not forget the bad ones. And when Scorpio feels despised, danger ... Perhaps you are dealing with the Scorpio who is already an Eagle, with the Scorpio who is a Scorpio, or with the Scorpio who is a gray lizard. Do not forget that some will be more thirsty for revenge than others but what is clear is that Scorpio NEVER forgets.

    No.10 Scorpio is very independent

    Scorpio will try not to depend on anyone EVER. That is how they taught it, that is how they discovered it, or that is how the message was delivered. And yes, Scorpio took note. They love to control all situations, but what controls them? That never.

    No.11 Is brave

    He will always be brave because he has no other choice. If he is not, he would never do all the things he is creating in his crazy head (Scorpio, although many do not know it, Scorpio is constantly creating ideas, concepts, and art). They are capable of standing up to the devil himself if it comes to defending their own. They always act with courage and say what many others keep silent out of fear.

    No.12 They are ingenious

    Scorpios can be cold; of course, they can and seem like a dry person with everything measured and calculated. It is true that he has many things calculated, but Scorpio is constantly changing his mind because he devises new paths, creates new goals to meet, and reinvents himself. Renewed or die. And Scorpio doesn't want to die yet.

    No.13 They are very clever

    If you have to manipulate to get what you want, then you manipulate, and that's it. Scorpio is way ahead of you in manipulation, so when he sees someone trying to play with his mind, he goes ahead, and the tables turn. Scorpio is the one who plays, and besides, he does it great.

    No.14 Can't control the passion with which he does it all

    Scorpio is pure passion, and whoever does not know this that they have met few or no Scorpios in their life. Everything they do, they live in a super intense way. When they tell you something, it seems that they are living it again; they catch you, they mock you, they absorb you. Scorpio's passion is fiery in every way, sometimes extremely captivating.

    No.15 They have an aura of mystery.

    Scorpios have an incredibly strong aura of mystery. When you firmly believe that they will turn right, they go and turn left. No one will ever fully know Scorpio. Never.