What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Scorpio

    Your flaw

    We are human, and we are all imperfect. We live in a world full of defects and virtues wherever we look. It could be said that your stubborn nature and your grudge could be your biggest flaw. When you see something that you do not like, you are one of those people who will not remain silent. You would rather face someone than see some injustice or see how someone is doing something they should not. You can become a somewhat manipulative and somewhat obsessive person, especially when you have not lived long enough or when you have learned from your mistakes. Jealousy and revenge, without a doubt, are your worst fault. You are one of those people who hold a grudge until you no longer have the strength or the will. Until it is no longer worth it to continue with so much resentment ... And the worst of all is that in that resentment, you start to cook revenge, and it is not good, Scorpio ... You have to start to know how to control those outbursts of anger and resentment that they give you from time to time. Learn to know how to handle those situations that make you have such toxic behavior.

    Your virtue

    Without a doubt, Scorpio, you are a person who puts passion into each of the things you do daily. You like to do things well, and you like that feeling that it lets you see that things are going the way you wanted. You like to feel lucky that you made the right decision. And, if things go well, it is because of the effort and the care you put into it. You are a mysterious person who always has an ace up his sleeve and who knows how to control every situation, and that is one of your virtues. You are one of those people who never give up and who, if they put many obstacles in the way, look for an alternative path. They can try to stop you, but they can never stop you from reaching the end. And without a doubt, you are a very intuitive person, which thanks to his intuition, he knows many times when something goes wrong or what he should do to avoid any danger. Yes, it is true, Scorpio; at first, you are not an easy person to get along with, but the people who know you know all the good that you have inside ...