What Are the Truths and Myths of Scorpio

    Perhaps, there are times that we get carried away by those myths that are being said about the signs of the Zodiac. It is easier to believe what others tell us rather than stop to get to know Scorpio in-depth and see if that is true or simply a false myth. But, there are also "universal" truths about Scorpio. Here are three myths and three truths of the Scorpio sign:

    MYTH 1: Scorpios can never be trusted.

    It is the biggest lie you have ever heard. Scorpio has a very bad reputation, and the worst of all is that there are people who speak without knowing. Just because Scorpio is so dark and reserved doesn't mean you can't trust him/her. Scorpio's trust is not valued as much as it deserves. If you trust Scorpio, you will know that all his secrets will always be safe. And vice versa, Scorpio wants all its secrets to be well kept at all times, and that is why it is a person who has a hard time opening up and trusting others.

    TRUTH 1: Honesty is very important to Scorpio.

    What Scorpio values most in any relationship is honesty. That and loyalty are the most important factors for the scorpion. He is not one of those people who sweetens or makes up the truth to make it less painful; Scorpio is one of those who says things as they are and expects the same in return. If you ever need to hear the truth, ask Scorpio; he will have no problem telling you things clearly. Scorpio is that friend who says things directly, no matter how much they hurt. What Scorpio Gives When They Break Up With You

    MYTH 2: Scorpio has no emotions and is too cold.

    Absolutely a lie. Scorpio is one of the signs that have the most emotions. That it does not show does not mean that it does not have. And you don't need to know Scorpio thoroughly to realize that this is a lie. You will immediately realize that he is a person who transmits a lot by his look, his gestures, and by his way of acting. You have to be a little observant. Perhaps Scorpio does not show his emotions with words, but he does with his face and his eyes ...

    TRUTH 2: Scorpio is a very mysterious person.

    The first moment you meet him, you realize that he is a person who keeps a lot inside him. And it is that Scorpio never ceases to surprise you. It has so many secrets and so much mystery inside that it is someone shocking. At first, it may seem that Scorpio is someone shy and distant, but as soon as he unties his mane and lets you see a little of everything he keeps inside, you realize that he is not shy. Scorpio has a very rebellious side ... How Scorpio Flirts Vs How It Is With a Couple

    MYTH 3: Scorpio is one of the most selfish signs.

    Just because he is dark and introverted does not mean he is selfish. Scorpio is one of those people who do anything for his people and for his family. Kindness is one of his strengths. Seriously, if any of his need help, Scorpio is capable of putting down whatever he's doing to help him. He is a very powerful person, and he wants to use that position to do good and to be able to help people who deserve it.

    TRUTH 3: Scorpio's passion is indescribable.

    Compared to the other signs, Scorpio, one thing that stands out is how he takes relationships. The passion and enthusiasm that Scorpio brings to you is something that is out of this world. Scorpio is a super attractive person for all that he transmits from the first moment. There is something in Scorpio that intrigues people a lot and attracts them immediately, and perhaps it is their mystery? Or that darkness? Scorpio has a very fiery interior, and perhaps that is what makes him so attractive. For Scorpios, the important thing to keep a relationship alive is passion. He is a person who always loves in a very intense way.