What Are the Ways to Love Scorpio

    Prioritize loyalty

    Please, once you enter the Scorpio circle, be truly loyal and honest from the first moment. When Scorpio opens the doors of his life to you, it is because you are important, or at least that is how Scorpio feels it. You will always have a person to protect you, a defender who would kill for you if necessary. Scorpio is the most loyal sign that exists with the people it loves. Do not screw it up because if you do, once you leave his life, you will have to defend yourself; Scorpio will be too busy with his own. And believe me that when he is betrayed, depending on the betrayal, he can stop giving you water in the desert ...

    Earn their trust

    Scorpio is one of those people that, as soon as you meet them, it seems that they are hiding something from you. As if they don't want to teach you the whole truth, as if they are afraid to. At first, they tend to fall badly and do not give a good thorn to the rest. But not because they keep quiet and do not tell everything; they are plotting something bad. On the contrary, if they do not talk about their life, it is because they do not want the rest to have more information than they should; they do not want anyone to have too much information because the information is power. That is why you have to earn the trust of Scorpio because once you do, all those walls that you have will collapse, and they will fall completely. It is easy to gain Scorpio's trust, and maintaining it isn't easy. Before you know it, you will know everything about her/him.

    Accept their harsh honesty

    Not everyone is prepared to hear the truths of Scorpio, but Scorpio is one of those people who cannot shut up when they know they have something to say. It is one thing to be rude and another thing to be honest. Okay, Scorpios don't have anything from the first. Everything will tell you concisely and directly but without losing that class that characterizes it so much. Of course, Scorpios can lose their papers, they can lose them from one moment to another, but it will almost always be to return them because they have treated them badly. It is rare that Scorpio leaves you guessing about what he is thinking or feeling, and less if you ask. She is super sincere and has never been afraid to speak up. When Scorpios pay compliments, BELIEVE THEM. But when she is angry and tells you something that you don't like so much, believe it too. As long as he doesn't say it angrily, believe everything.

    Be hot and passionate

    Seriously, Scorpio's fame in bed is already known throughout the world, but that is not only what he is looking for from another person. She tries to captivate him, provokes, flirts, and searches with her eyes ... All that Scorpio loves. It is not so much how good or bad you are in bed; it is the game you have until you get there, the passion, the mischief ... Woo, dupe, be clever. Scorpio loves to play those kinds of games. Scorpio wants you to understand without using words. That is why there are so many unions between Cancer and Scorpio because, in this sense, there is a brutal mutual understanding. Scorpio loves to catch, but he also likes to be caught a little ...

    Understand its complexities and respect them

    Scorpio is one of the most complex signs out there; he is super sensitive and is constantly fighting his heart and head. He asks himself a million questions every day, he may know all the power he has, but his intelligence makes him often wonder if he is in the right place. You can often become obsessed with death, have some existential questions about life, why we are here, what is the mission of each one ... It is your intellectuality that is to blame. Sometimes I wish I knew a little less about everything, so at least I would be a little happier for sure. But since he can't, try to understand himჴ€¦ You will learn a lot.