What Do Scorpio Expect the Most From Others?

Scorpio in his life needs someone who is protective. Because, although Scorpio seems to be a very strong and tough person, deep down, Scorpio also needs to feel protected by someone. You need to feel that your heart is in good hands and that no one else is going to betray yourself in a dirty way again. Scorpio in his life needs people he can trust, basically so he can be himself. You need to be around people with whom you are not afraid to show your feelings. Because yes, Scorpio’s feelings and emotions are not easy at all and the people who are going to be by his side have to be well prepared.

Their emotions cannot be carried by anyone ... They have to be strong people, empathetic enough to be able to put themselves in the shoes of the Scorpio himself and live what he / she lives.

But, Scorpio also wants others to be people who put passion to whatever they do. As a good passionate Scorpio person, you also need to feel that passion in the circle of people around you. You need your world to be full of people who like what they do and who wake up every day wanting to eat the world. Also, Scorpio needs someone in his life who knows how to understand all those mood swings that he sometimes has and that even he himself is not able to understand.

You do not ask someone to help you control your emotions, you simply want someone by your side who does not judge you for those sudden changes of emotions that you sometimes have. Scorpio by his side wants a respectful person so as not to feel criticized no matter what happens.