What Does Love Mean for Scorpio?

    What does the word 'love' mean to Scorpio? Loving for Scorpio means being honest, loyal, and passionate. As most of the world already knows, Scorpio is the most passionate person in the Zodiac, and that makes him love to limits that no one else loves. Scorpio loves so hard that it can become dangerous, and you must be careful. He loves so much that toxic things such as jealousy take over that love. Scorpio wants to protect that person they love so much that they will be envious and jealous of anything around them.

    Loving means many things to a Scorpio ... That feeling that runs through you when you are with that person is something that cannot be explained in words; only a Scorpio could feel it.

    Scorpios are attracted to that love that will make them feel valued, and that will not disappoint. Scorpios like to protect their partner, but they also like their partner to make them feel valued and show their love. For Scorpio, the word love means respect and, above all, trust and loyalty. Scorpio does not conceive of love without respect and without mutual trust. And although Scorpio is quite a sentimental person, within that rest also enters the space of each person and their freedom. And loving also means respecting that space and the independence of each person. Something that seems difficult to understand, but it will come to be understood in the case of being with a Scorpio. In short, love for Scorpio means absolute loyalty, passion, and respect.