What Excuse Scorpio Gives When They Break Up With You

    Scorpio, you can't keep saying 'my life is fine' or 'I'll settle for what I have. If you keep putting that excuse at the end, you will ruin your life, and you will hardly realize it. It would be best if you never settled for what you have. Life is based on getting better little by little. If you confirm, you will never grow or mature. You will be stuck in the state you are in; in the end, you will get bored, and monotony will take over you. Yes, it is possible that your life is fine and that you are comfortable with what you have now, but you have to propose new goals and achieve them little by little. Scorpio, conformity is a very toxic thing for anyone.

    Comfort is a very dangerous thing in our lives because it makes us stop and not keep moving forward. It would help if you never settled for being okay. You have to fight and pursue what really makes you happy and that dream that you always have in mind.

    It would be best if you strived for excellence, happiness, and satisfaction. It is not worth settling for little, Scorpio. You serve much more, and you are a strong person who has to fight for what he deserves. Never stop dreaming because that means you have dreams to fight for. Never stop fighting because that would mean that you are starting to stagnate, and that is not what you really want. Stop making that excuse because it only works for you and not even that. You know that even if you say that your life is good, in reality, it is not as good as you would like. Scorpio, fight for anything; fight against comfort. Don't stand still and keep moving forward.