What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Scorpio?

    When you do something bad to Scorpio, you are signing your own death warrant, plain as that. It may sound very heavy, but it is the truth, Scorpio does not pass a single one and even more when it comes to protecting themselves. Hurting Scorpio is the perfect sentence to make your life hell, so of course, betraying his heart or getting to hurt someone of his own would already be the end because if someone takes the prize for the most vengeful sign, He is Scorpio; without a doubt.

    For Scorpio, it is not a tasteful dish to be like this, but if you have to do it, you do it triple what you receive; it is not so easy to escape from their attacks.

    Scorpio puts into practice his darkest knowledge, uses his psychology his cunning, and scores the best shot ever. When you do something bad to Scorpio, even if his life may be in some danger, Scorpio will make you remember him for life, will sabotage your achievements and your joys until you pay, so that it is a fair deal so that you know what it feels like when someone does you wrong. Scorpio, through his attacks, imparts lessons of equality and full-blown justice.