What Is an Advice That Scorpio Should Hear to

    Your head doesn't stop spinning, Scorpio, because you don't stop spinning and going a thousand times. You do not brag, you do not make noise, and no, you do not post on social networks how much you do and how little you are recognized, but that is not the problem; there is not the key to that fatigue that you notice when you go every day to the Scorpio bed ... look, even though you feel a little bad reading this, you are not taking your Scorpio responsibilities seriously, and it is obvious that not everything is your fault.

    The life that surrounds you right now, in general, is partly to blame for your insomnia and the fatigue that you accumulate.

    But it would not be ethical to blame everything around you, Scorpio, because here, you have a lot to do with it. Your mind is full, it is going to explode from here at any moment, and you cannot go on like this. Although you are luxurious in the other areas, this prevents you from enjoying everything Scorpio. Do not anticipate, do not anticipate things that have not happened yet; if you want your life to have more guidelines so that you can go more calmly, do this: write down everything that you still have pending and commit to fulfilling it. Even if it hurts, stay away from the people who prevent you from concentrating and do a lot of power in doing everything.

    The advice you need to hear right now is this Scorpio: "Every hour, every minute and every second lost, they won't come back. Take advantage of the time."

    You will never know for sure what will come with it; therefore, you must take advantage of it with what it really adds to your life, with the real ones.